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My Christmas Wishlist Part One: Most Wanted Books
Thursday. 11.16.06 2:39 am
mood: wanting ice cream

listening to: Love Spit Love -- How Soon Is Now

Not that anyone's actually getting me anything for Christmas. I'm usually the one who does all the gift-buying, because I love doing it. I love shopping and picking out gifts for my family. The only gifts I get are those from all the Kris Kringle affairs I join at the office -- which usually means you only get something if you give something as well. Or you know what I mean. And we usually set a budget limit...and obviously the stuff in my wishlist is way beyond budget for a simple Kris Kringle.

But what the hell, a girl can dream, right? So let's just pretend there are tons of people out there who would like to give me gifts, because I simply want to talk about the stuff I want for Christmas and the New Year.

Books! I am crazy about books, even if I no longer have space for them. They give me refuge, they let me go away somewhere without actually taking a step from where I am, they let me lose myself without actually getting lost. They give me inspiration; they make me write, which is of course good for anyone who gets paid
to write stuff. It's no wonder books are at the top of my wishlist.

I am an avid fantasy reader, and my favorite author is David Eddings, who in some books has collaborated with wife Leigh to make amazing epic tales. My first ever Eddings book was Guardians of the West, Book One of the Malloreon series. I bought it for Php25 (I think that's roughly around 50 cents) at a used-book store. I read it, fell in love with it, and wanted more. From then on I vowed to complete the collection. I told myself, any Eddings book I can find I will immediately buy. Well, it so happened that a friend bought me Books Two and Three of the Malloreon for my birthday. Imagine my ecstacy! Later on I scored another find while book-hunting -- The Seeress of Kell, Book Five.

The last Eddings books I bought were The Diamond Throne (Book One of the Elenium series), The Shining Ones (Book Two of the Tamuli), and a special hardcover edition of The Redemption of Althalus. I looked for brand new ones then, but found only The Dreamers series, which I refused to buy until I could complete the earlier series. Didn't want to jump forward and spoil the fun, you know.

But I couldn't find any more of them! Not at used-book stores, and soon not even brand new ones. They all disappeared from the shelves and turned out-of-print! In desperation I turned to a local forum, asking if anybody out there was selling used David Eddings books. Well, guess what? I found out there were a whole lot of
other Eddings fans here, and they were all collecting his books. Everyone refused to sell his or her collections. Aaaaargh!

So now I've created this Most Wanted Books list, and am once again affirming the promise I made to myself. I will complete this collection one day, even if I have to buy/order books online. They're worth it!

1. Belgarath the Sorcerer (with Leigh Eddings) -- what Eddings fan wouldn't want to read a book from the quirky, unkempt, yet extremely powerful Immortal Belgarath? In the Malloreon, although he has a huge role, you don't actually know what he thinks in that mind of his.

2. Polgara the Sorceress (with Leigh Eddings) -- of course, if there's a Belgarath point-of-view, there's gotta be a Polgara one, too! I've actually read this book, borrowed from a friend. Very moving, and gives you deeper insights into both the Malloreon and the earlier Belgariad series, and events preceding those.

3. The Sorceress of Darshiva -- Book Four of The Malloreon, all I need to complete this series!

4. The Belgariad -- actually the first series preceding The Malloreon. I should've started reading with the Belgariad, but as fate would have it I first found the Malloreon. I can always read everything again anyway! This one has five books: The Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit, Castle of Wizardry, and Enchanter's End Game. All I have of this series is Book Four.

5. The Sapphire Rose -- Book Three of the Elenium. Whereas the Belgariad and Malloreon has the hero Garion starting as a little boy until he became a young man, the Elenium has a much more mature hero, the knight Sparhawk. And Sparhawk rocks! (On a side note, I think I have Book Two which is The Ruby Knight, but I am not sure! I will have to check my cabinet again. If I don't have it, then add it to the list.)

6. Domes of Fire & The Hidden City -- Books One and Three of The Tamuli. Another Sparhawk adventure, and like I said I have Book Two which turned out to be very interesting and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the tale!

7. The Dreamers -- the last series written by David and Leigh Eddings, which promises to be bigger and more awe-inspiring than any of the earlier ones. Four books, the last one just released this year, I believe(?): The Elder Gods, The Treasured One, The Crystal Gorge, and The Younger Gods.

8. The Lord of the Rings Complete Volume -- what fantasy reader wouldn't be without Tolkien's masterpiece? I have an old edition paperback of the The Fellowship of The Ring, actually, but this book in my wishlist is a used, out-of-print, one-volume collector's item. Yes, lately I've been thinking of becoming an antiquarian book collector as well. Good luck to me.

9. The Silmarillion -- the LOTR prequel...again here not just any edition, but another collectible book I'm planning to get someday.

Well, that's just my starting list. *wink*
I have loads of other fantasy authors I'd love to have in my collection, like R.A. Salvatore (the Drizzt books of the Forgotten Realms), Anne McCaffrey (the Dragonriders series), and Terry Brooks, among others.

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Tuesday. 11.14.06 6:48 am
listening to: silverchair -- suicidal dream

mood: blah

Oh look, I've changed the text color to something much lighter but still related to red. Actually it's pink. I hope it's not a litte too bright on the eyes now.

Ugh I need to write something more productive. But I just finished editing a whole article and an exercise at work, so my brain's a little drained.

Never fear though. I will come back and make brilliant entries soon.

(Oh dear, woe is me if I actually don't make any.)

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Reading Room Euphoria
Monday. 11.13.06 6:23 am
listening to: incubus -- just a phase

mood: still sleepy but starting to get hungry

Oooh I just posted something in my Reading Room. Ey I'm beginning to think that's a cute feature. I am, after all, a writer. So I'm probably gonna fill that with my writings. Haha! Like a little ego wall. Plus the occasional recommendations, i.e. stuff i like to read because they're cool however you may not like them but i'll post anyway on the off-chance that i get to influence somebody to read something I like.

Now did that make sense?

Hahahaha. Oh cool. Another post where I don't make sense. Damn I really must be desperate to stay awake.

P.S. I love this red template and all, but now I'm beginning to wonder if it's not too much of an eyestrain to read my entries.

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Me sleepy!
Monday. 11.13.06 5:09 am
listening to: lifehouse
mood: so friggin' sleepy

Gosh do I feel sleepy right now... well I did sleep really late last night after doing some mending on my jeans...so now my eyes are getting heavy. And it's only 6:15! I don't get off till 8pm. Oh *sigh!*

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